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April 15, 2015

Skweeples aren’t people
Their foreheads are blue
They eat with their noses
And talk with them, too

Skweeples aren’t people
They laugh with their ears
They sleep upside down
And cry purple tears

Skweeples aren’t people
Their bodies are green
They play in the swamp
And they hate to be clean

Skweeples aren’t people
They live in old cars
They drink stagnant water
And eat lice and tar

Skweeples aren’t people
But they love each other
On Saturday night
They all call their mother

People aren’t skweeples
That’s easy to see
I don’t bother them
And they don’t bother me

Skweeples are skweeples
They do what they do
They belong in the open
Not locked in a zoo

by Richard W. Bray