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Five Deferment Dick

September 4, 2009


Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on Dick Cheney:

He’s a fearful man”

“[He is] putting out idiocy of the first order.”

“He has told more lies from a public pulpit than almost anyone I’ve known.”

Five Deferment Dick

You know what’s really sick?
Five Deferment Dick:
Cowardly vicious fool
Walking torture school
Wanton font of slime
Living breathing crime
Former head of state
Paragon of hate
An imitation man
Who never had a plan
Thousands maimed and dead
Because he lost his head
You know what’s really sick?
Five Deferment Dick

(Note on Col. Wilkerson: It’s been my observation working in the public sector that mendacity and stupidity are two of the chief lubricants which keep the wheels of bureaucracy turning. That’s why it amazes me that someone as candid and intelligent as Wilkerson was able to achieve the rank of Colonel. Hell, he’s clever and plainspoken enough to be a sergeant.)

by Richard W. Bray