Johnny Backstab


Johnny Backstab killed his brother
At the tender age of four
Shanked him with a butter knife
And left him on the floor
His mother asked, “Now Johnny,
Whatever did you do that for?”
Johnny said, “He took my donut.
He won’t do it anymore.”

Beware those empty eyes
In Johnny’s lying little head
If he can’t get you with his knife
He will use his words instead
There’s not an ounce of truth
In everything he ever said
A thousand trusting souls
Lay in Johnny’s trail of red

Johnny Backstab is your neighbor,
He’s your boss, or he’s your friend
He is pleasant in your presence
And he never will offend
He’s beguiling; he is charming
He knows how to pretend
But if you don’t watch your back
He will get you in the end

by Richard W. Bray

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