Cruel Crazy World

Cruel Crazy World

I go out each day
Hazards and constraints
I bear it all
So joyfully
Without any complaints:

Traffic jams, mudslides, maniacs, bug bites
Derelicts, hurricanes, potholes, red lights
Pranksters, liars, idiots, road crews
Bad news, salesmen, rain delays and dog doo
Frustrated road-ragers, terrorists, and tidal waves
Lunatic zombies climbing right up out their graves
Bad coffee, typhoons, forty-car pile-ups
Degenerate freaks and unrequested dial-ups
Backfires, flat tires, insolent creeps
Nattering nitwits boring me to sleep
Seedy backstreet sideshow demons
And everyone is always scheming

I come home to you
And you hug
The pain away
Ready and refreshed
I’ll face
Another blessed day

by Richard W. Bray

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