Drastic Measures

pebble in shoe

I got a pebble in my shoe
Don’t know what I’m gonna do
My tootsie cannot take the pain
My tender toes will go insane

It ouches every step I take
I cannot move, for goodness sake
Now I’m gonna sit a spell
And think of ways my pain to quell:

I could wait till it’s not sore
I could crawl forevermore

I could sit and never rise
I could fill the world with cries

I could look on the computer
I could hire a troubleshooter

I could call my family doctor
I could buy a helicopter

I could moan and wail and beg
I could amputate my leg

I just thought what I should do:
I could just remove my shoe
And pour that pebble on the floor…
Now my foot don’t hurt no more

Richard W. Bray

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