Alex lives for beauty
And the memory of a smile
From a love that never was
That continues to beguile

He’s a little ball of bitter
Muffling primal screams
Concocting better days
And waiting on a dream

Walter’s in his workshop
He got himself a plan
Turning lead to gold
He’s gonna be a wealthy man

He’s a little ball of bitter
Afraid to laugh or grin
Holding back on living
Until his ship comes in

Don’t bother with Maria
If you ain’t a wealthy guy
No money means no honey
She got bigger fish to fry

She’s a little ball of bitter
But she ain’t about to quit
Cuz a feller with a fortune
Will be a perfect fit

No Happy Hour for Henry
He don’t waste his life in bars
He’s got an audition
And the ladies love a star

He’s a little ball of bitter
He ain’t livin’ for today
Got no time for losers
He’ll show them all one day

by Richard W. Bray

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