Candice bought a robot
At the five-and-dime
All day long the two of them
Had a lovely time

She named the robot Rupert
And she let him loose indoors
With instructions on completing
All her work and chores

Rupert did her homework
With his calculator brain
He also did the dishes
And never once complained

She took him to a party
Where he really stole the show
He danced his robot heart out
Till it was time to go

Friends and Candice dressed him
In her mother’s clothes
With high-heeled shoes and lipstick
And powder on his nose

They sent Rupert to the kitchen
To make them all some treats
He quickly whipped up entrées
A platter full of eats

Gladys said, “Hey Candice,
My toenails need a trim”
Rupert then gave pedicures
To everyone but Jim

Candice soon discovered
There was nothing he couldn’t do
He could clean her house and wash her hair
And polish every shoe

Now Candice is so pampered
She never leaves her bed
She never needs to worry
Her lazy little head

by Richard W. Bray

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