Ode to My Feet

Considered alone they’re simply two foots
But together they make up my feet
They endure wherever I take them
This pair is hard to beat

Daily I pound them with pressure
And each time I walk down the street
The entire weight of my body
Comes crashing down on my feet

Cruelly I encase them
In sandals or stockings and shoes
At home I keep them in slippers
Protecting from fixtures that bruise

I wasn’t designed to walk upright
But you won’t see me swinging in trees
I’m resisting all primeval yearnings
To return to the salty old seas

Supporting my frame for a lifetime
They’re loyal and faithful and strong
Through corns and fungus and bunions
My friends keeps moving along

I’m planning on keeping my tootsies
I’ll treat them with kindness and care
Publicly now I salute them
This most deserving pair

by  Richard W. Bray

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