Friendly Frank

Friendly Frank

Friendly Frank went to the bank
And took out all his money
He gave it away, all in one day
And his wife didn’t think it was funny

He gave some to Becky and more to Steve
And a greater amount to Hank
And some to the teller, and more to the guard
Who worked in that neighborhood bank

“Thank you” he said, “for watching my fortune
When I wasn’t even around
The least I can do is gladly tip you
For keeping it safe and sound”

Frank went on a spree as he happily
Handed out millions of dollars
He felt such glee as he giddily
Made people do yelps and hollers

But when he was done he ran out of fun
And the crowd just withered away
All his new chums decided to run
Finding new places to play

Today Frank lives in an old brown shack
Down at the far end of town
His only friend is a hound named Huck
Nobody else is around

by Richard W. Bray

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