I Hate

I Hate

I hate you cuz the sky is blue
Why can’t you make it green?
Everything you say and do
Is just to make me mean

I hate it when you wear those pants
It makes me feel so fat
Always thinking of yourself
I’ve had enough of that

I hate the way you buy new things
When I am out of money
Don’t you know what pain you bring?
I’ll bet you think it’s funny

I hate to see your smiling face
When you are feeling glad
It’s obvious that you don’t care
For people who are sad

I hate you when you laugh out loud
At folks who are not funny
We know that you are insincere
You just want their money

I hate it when you call your friends
You’re always on the phone
If I had phony friends like you
I’d rather be alone

I hate you morning, noon, and night
You think that you’re so cool
History will prove me right
You’re just a silly fool

by Richard W. Bray

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