God gave man dominion
It says so in His book:
Every hill and valley,
Every lake and brook,
Every single creature,
Every frog and tree,
Exists for exploitation
By you and me

So don’t be fooled by tricksters
Who have the nerve to claim
That human beings and animals
Are really just the same
Just because our bodies
All have the same parts
With tissue, cells, and livers
Kidneys, brains, and hearts

If a chimp has ninety-eight
Percent of my chromosomes
How come I never saw one
Talking on the phone?
I ain’t no monkey’s uncle
So don’t insult me, please
By sayin’ that my ancestors
Climbed around in trees

So listen up tree-huggers
And tofu-eating fools
People own this planet
‘Cuz we make all the rules
If species are endangered
I don’t give a hoot
As long as there are critters
For me to eat and shoot

by Richard W. Bray

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