sooner or later

VVVVsooner or later

sooner or later it all gets real
Neil Young, Walk On

I can find you a bed
I can fix you a meal
You can cry on my shoulder
When the shit gets real

I can offer my friendship
I can lead you to the well
We can talk and we can laugh
And we can sit for a spell

Gotta haggle with the world
And hold on to your soul
Sometimes you gotta fight
And sometimes you better roll

I can point you to the people
Who are fighting for peace
But the torments of this world
Ain’t never gonna cease

I’ll treat you like a guest
But I cannot live your quest
You’re ready for the world
And you’re fully grown
Just try and do your best
I think you’re ready for the test
Some things you gotta
Face on your own

by Richard W. Bray

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