War-Junkie Worshipers

War-Junkie Worshipers

All who live to shoot and kill are really just one man:
Bonaparte and Patton, Alexander and his clan
Curtis Lemay, good ole Che, and the Son of Sam
Killers one and all. Why can’t you understand?

Glory, Glory Hallelujah–you can march and sing and shout
But an appetite for murder isn’t something one should tout
Don’t tell me that their cause was just. That ain’t what it’s about
‘Twas not for love of country Patton killed so many Krauts

It’s always a mistake to worship human beings
But idolizing killers is way beyond obscene
Actors, barons, rock stars, billionaires and queens
Should suffice for grownups who act like love-struck teens

Historians and novelists and tv talking heads
Reenactors and war-wankers who hail the happy dead
Are so quick to overlook so many who have bled
Perhaps they should revere blessed peacemakers instead

by Richard W. Bray

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