Animal Antics

Animal Antics

Ricky Reynoso rented a rhino
And traveled around and around
He rode from Sudan out to Siam
But lately he cannot be found

Tina Taylor Teased a Tiger
That wasn’t so smart to do
Tina is currently being digested
Down at your local zoo

Bradley Branson bribed a bear
In hopes to find some honey
But all he got was a thousand stings
And now he’s out of money.

Carl kicked a kangaroo
He kicked so hard he lost his shoe
When it kicked back he was more than blue
Because he landed in Timbuktu

Stanley Seahorn selected a snail
As his own role model
He doesn’t like to do his chores
He just likes to dawdle

Pedro pushed a porcupine
When it got in his way
Now he’s pulling out its spines
All the livelong day

Cheri shouldn’t have shoved that shark
But she was in a hurry
She did not make it home by dark
I think it’s time to worry

Candice kissed a crocodile
To see if she could make it smile
Then she ran for over a mile
It only took a little while

Sandy sat on seven skunks
He’s really not a thinker
I barely sniffed and got a whiff
Because he’s such a stinker

by Richard W. Bray

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