The Deep Blue Sea


The Deep Blue Sea

I once had a notion to jump in the ocean
And swim right over to France
But halfway there, I got a big tear
Right in the seat of my pants
So I dove strait down where I found
A mermaid who wanted to dance
I didn’t know her name, but just the same
I decided to take a chance

We danced and played and happily strayed.
I’d never known such mirth
We swam near and far under the stars.
I paddled for all I was worth
As daylight neared there suddenly appeared
A merman of sizable girth
He said with a sigh, “Now you must die
For she’s been my betrothed since birth.”

The mermaid, Annette said, “I will not let
You harm one hair on his head!”
The merman, named Dan said,
“Darling, I plan to see him swim with the dead”
(I must now disclose, though bravely I posed
My heart was filled with dread
Why couldn’t I have tried a machine that flied
Like a blimp or a plane instead?)

As the merman advanced, we no longer danced.
His eyes were filled with hate
And as he came near, I was filled with a fear
I cannot now relate
I closed my eyes and prayed to the skies
For I could not face my fate
But before I turned dead, someone suddenly said,
“Look, it’s a Sea Magistrate!”

The magistrate, named Nate said, “Sorry I’m late.
I had to visit some kin
Now, let me see. Oh, can it be,
Old Dan is at it again?
By the law of the sea I declare this girl free.
The next time I will run in”
Then mighty Dan shrunk like can
You’d find in the recycle bin

Today I can say, as I watch my kids play,
“I’m the luckiest guy around.”
And my folks say Annette, although somewhat wet,
Is the best wife I could have found
We were married by Nate, which would indicate
That our wedding vows are sound
My life is pure joy. I’m the happiest boy.
And I hardly miss dry ground

by Richard W. Bray

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