Profound Questions without answers by Don Bray


Strange creatures—earthlings–formed from unmoltening volcano indigestion,

Water and oxygen from rock chemicals recombined over millions of years

Mixing then arising earthling life–you and me.

We are given to farting and vomiting.

We are attracted to each others’ asses. We reproduce.

We like to sing and dance; not really knowing why we live, prone to war and susceptible to disease.

We create complex math and gods. Then we worship the gods.

Over time hundreds of American Indian cultures die and their gods die with them like “the famous 1,000 lost golf balls.”

Worldwide thousands of gods die.

People believe in the current god crop.

Earthlings won’t admit that they don’t know how they came to be and the gods can’t help.

Neither can science, philosophy or religion.

Discover meaning in the dazzle of life, or in the splendor of the cosmos.

by Don Bray

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