Your smiling, or the hope, the thought of it,
Makes in my mind such pause and abrupt ease
As when the highway bridgegates fall

Richard Wilbur, A Simile for Her Smile


sitting in a bookstore
waiting on your call
wondrin’ where we’re headed
if this thing will work at all
phone is in my lap
book in my right hand
in a town where i’m a stranger
it’s more than I can stand
feel someone approaching
out the corner of my eye
look up and see you coming
and i’m such a happy guy

ain’t nothin’ in this big old world
to help me ease mind
like thinking of the moment
when I knew that you were mine
never thought i’d know such comfort
happiness and ease
like the feeling of contentment
wrapped up in a summer breeze

by Richard W. Bray

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