Petcipe #1 Chessie and Sadie’s Special (by Marjorie)

Sadie’s Special

This recipe is adapted from a dish prepared by a Korean-American former department secretary at an urban university.


3 packages of Ramen noodles (discard the flavor packets)

3 medium or 2 large brown onions

3 medium or 2 large bell peppers

6 medium or 4 large tomatoes

Bean sprouts equivalent in bulk to the amount of noodles

A good vegetable oil

Water (about 3 cups)

Catsup, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce to taste (a bit of teriyaki sauce can also be added)

(the amounts of the ingredients can be expanded or contracted, the proportions should
remain the same)


Cut the onions, peppers and tomatoes into half inch pieces (you can chop the peppers and tomatoes while the onions are cooking); heat the oil in a Dutch oven on the stove top (or in a large electric skillet) and brown the ramen noodles, turning when each side of the block of noodles has browned; remove and reserve the noodles; remove the oil and take out the bits of noodle that have come loose; return the oil to the kettle and add the onion; cook onions until they are limp and translucent; add the peppers, and after a bit the tomatoes and simmer for a while, but do not over cook the peppers; add the noodles and enough water to soften them; add the bean sprouts and simmer until the noodles are cooked; add the catsup and soy sauce to taste (it takes quite a lot of catsup); some worcestershire sauce and teriyaki sauce may also be used.

Note: This is a vegetarian version. The original recipe included a pound of cut up steak cooked with the onions. Alternatively a pound of cooked shrimp could be added during the final stage.

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