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February 21, 2011


Life is short and precious
You only get one go

You can’t live a different life
Even if you know…

What’s going on with Screaming Mel
Or KourtneyKhloeKim
Or what Ms. Gaga’s really like
When all the lights are dim

You won’t find no foresight
Searchin’ Brangelina‘s home
There ain’t no wisdom buried down
With Micheal Jackson’s bones

Some guitar-stroking scoundrel
Thinks his pecker is a shrine
Ain’t no topic of attention
That deserves our precious time

If Charlie wants to catch a buzz
It don’t interest me
I’d rather hear about those
Peoples fighting to be free

Living is a full-time job
A chance to learn and grow

So play the hand you’re dealt
And let your colors show

by Richard W. Bray