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Silly Silly Grownups

January 12, 2017


Got a shark from Gramma
It was soft and it was blue
It had some scary teeth
It tried to by me too

I wrestled with my shark
And ripped apart his hide
That mean and scary fishy
Was all cotton balls inside

“Whatever did possess you?
Goodness gracious Daisy Mae!
We can’t show this to Gramma”
I heard my mother say

Then I got in trouble
So I kicked and I cried
Nobody told me that the shark
Was not a shark inside

Daddy bought a puppy
To be my very own
My parents were frightened
To leave us alone

Silly silly grownups
Don’t they realize?
I know that my puppy
Is all puppy inside

by Richard W. Bray


December 28, 2015

social loafing

I’ve got a long list of real good reasons
For all the things I’ve done

Willie Nelson


I didn’t do the dishes
Cuz the water’s awful mucky
And it wrinkles up my digits
And it’s really rather yucky

I did not rake the yard
Cuz I didn’t wanna blister
If you need a beast of burden
You should get my little sister

I did not clean my room
Cuz I’ll just mess it up again
It’s simply Sisyphean
Why can’t you comprehend?

Your nagging and your pleading
Make you sound like such a bore
Now fetch me up some vittles
And then finish all my chores

by Richard W. Bray

The House of Arts and Letters

October 22, 2015

At the House of Arts and Letters
Girls like to play with their brains
Where unconstrained by fetters
They pursue artistic gains

Penny perfects petunias
Tiffany tinkers with time
Stephanie celebrates sonnets
While Marian meters out rhyme
Gertrude grows geraniums
Constance combats crime
Anastasia anticipates aliens
While Lucy levitates limes
Dora deciphers documents
And Molly mimics a mime
Hortense handles the holograms
While Sally solidifies slime

If you should stop by for a visit
Leave toys and dollies behind
Their favorite game—what is it?
The wonderful world of the mind

by Richard W. Bray

This Fellow Who Follows

August 3, 2015


This fellow who follows
This odd little gent
Just gets on my tail
And never relents

This fellow who follows
The path of my shoes
With a single ambition
To do what I do

This fellow who follows
He just wants to play
It’s always his fate
To get in the way

This fellow who follows
Is my little brother
An object more precious
Than any other

This fellow who follows
My feet to and fro
Has taught me to scruple
And watch where I go

by Richard W. Bray

Earth Water Sun

July 10, 2015


Cantaloupes or peaches
Figs or watermelons
Huckleberry, cumquat
Give me what you’re selling

Radishes or cauliflower
Broccoli or beets
Serve it up and I’ll devour
Healthy garden eats

Don’t require chemicals
To fix a healthy feed
Earth water sun
Are everything you need

by Richard W. Bray

Willie Wystan Widdershins

June 28, 2015


Willie Wystan Widdershins
Craves a crooked course
A crazy road is best for him
But not his baffled horse

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Goes East to journey West
And to his wife’s chagrin he
Makes three rights to take a left

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Often ends where he begins
Going round in circles
Like a fish without fin

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Is guided from within
He wears a happy grin
Always going where he’s been

by Richard W. Bray

Not Worth My Time

June 20, 2015

You’re nasty, unnerving, disgusting, and icky
Revolting, repellent, distasteful and vile
You’re ghastly and grody, repulsive and sickly
You’re someone that I must live to revile

You’re not worth my time and better forgotten
You’re rancid, repugnant, rude, and morose
You’re hellish and horrid and morally rotten
You’re loathsome, disturbing, horrific and gross

You do not agree with all my presumptions
You’re heinous and beastly, obnoxious and wrong
I roundly renounce your detestable gumption
A mental asylum is where you belong

by Richard W. Bray

You Can’t Collect Abstractions

April 26, 2015

You can’t send a box of sunshine
You can’t buy a pound of poise
You can’t purchase piles of pleasure
For deserving girls and boys

You can’t load a truck with love
You can’t take a piece of peace
You can’t give a ton of trust
To your nephew or your niece

You can’t hold a heap of hope
You can’t grab a jar of joy
You can’t harness all the happy
That your family might enjoy

You can’t find a font of freedom
You can’t choose a can of cheer
You can’t collect abstractions
But they exist when they are here

by Richard W. Bray

Dippy Dippy Dappy

April 21, 2015

You said that
I was boney
You can’t ride
My pony

You said I
Was a fool
Don’t swim
In my pool

Neener Neener Neener Neener
Neener Neener New
You weren’t nice to me
I won’t be friends with you

You said that
I’m unstable
Don’t come sit
At my table

You said that
I look funny
You can’t
Pet my bunny

Neener Neener Neener Neener
Neener Neener New
You weren’t nice to me
I won’t be friends with you

Maybe I
Should try again
Do you wanna
Be my friend?

Dippy Dippy Dippy Dippy
Dippy Dippy Dappy
Give someone another chance
And you will be more happy

by Richard W. Bray


April 15, 2015

Skweeples aren’t people
Their foreheads are blue
They eat with their noses
And talk with them, too

Skweeples aren’t people
They laugh with their ears
They sleep upside down
And cry purple tears

Skweeples aren’t people
Their bodies are green
They play in the swamp
And they hate to be clean

Skweeples aren’t people
They live in old cars
They drink stagnant water
And eat lice and tar

Skweeples aren’t people
But they love each other
On Saturday night
They all call their mother

People aren’t skweeples
That’s easy to see
I don’t bother them
And they don’t bother me

Skweeples are skweeples
They do what they do
They belong in the open
Not locked in a zoo

by Richard W. Bray