Your SEO Cheat Sheet—How to Attract Customers to Your Website


Here are the things you need to do:

Have Quality Content—interesting, engaging, relevant, and useful to people who might be interested in your product

Update Content Frequently

Link to Quality Content

Get Quality Content to link to you—email people who have sites with Quality Content and say nice things to them, inform them that you have linked to them, and hope (but don’t explicitly ask) that they backlink to you

Landing Page—Should direct client to provide contact information and/or direct client to make purchase.  However,  a Landing Page should not contain a sitemap.

Funneling is a strategy designed to pull readers into site and direct them towards a Desired Action.

Key Words should be present:
Early and Often
in URL
in Title
in correct order
Bold and Bulleted
in Anchor Text

Have a Site Map

Make your URLs Mobile Friendly

Video Content is essential

Video Client Testimonials are invaluable

Use Social Media to promote your site (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Here are the things you must NEVER do:

Link Farming
Linking to Bad neighborhoods—Links that link to spam
Too much duplicate content
Purchasing Links
Buying followers on social media
Hidden content
Article Spinning (Plagiarism)
Allowing Dead Links on your site (constantly monitor your links to see if they still exist or if they have morphed into something new)

Warning: Constantly monitor your site for spam links that bad people insert into your comments section or elsewhere. It could mean Instant Google Death if a creeper discovers it.

Additional Resources

Here’s Backlinko’s best guess about Google’s elusive and mysterious List of 200. (Of course, no one outside of Google’s inner, inner circle knows what’s actually on this list or if it even exists at all. That’s Google’s multi-billion dollar secret.

Copywriting Tips—A Review of Joseph Sugarman’s Adweek Copywriting Handbook

by Richard W. Bray

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